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Are you suffering from pain with your neck or shoulder? Do you have headaches, tension, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or herniated disc? Do you have pain in your foot, ankle, knee, or lower back? Do you have postural problems?

The following treatments offered by Dr. McKean will make an improved difference and will help to fulfill your immediate healthcare needs.

• Chiropractic adjustments (diversified and non-force gentle techniques)
• Flexion/distraction (for acute low back and herniated disc)
• Massage
• Electrical muscle stimulation
• Ultrasound
• Rehabilitation exercises
• Physiotherapy (infrared heat, hot packs, ice packs)

Dr.McKean also offers healthcare products that help facilitate the healing process and aid in the prevention of postural problems and pain.

• Hot and cold packs
• Cervical pillows
• Back Supports
  • Therapeutic mattresses
  • Robotic reclining massage chairs
• Nutritional supplements
• Orthotics (foot care)